Elizabeth Beecroft

A mother of 2, and never in a million years thought about training in a martial art. However, in March 2012 my son asked me to come along and join in with his karate class.

Within a few weeks it was clear that I was going to enjoy this martial art and a short time later I was over the moon to be graded for the first time. That same year my daughter joined NPKC.

Over the years that have followed, I have moved through my belts and in April 2016 was awarded my Shodan black belt (1st level), followed by my Nidan in April 2018

Karate has truly changed my life and been an outlet for me when life has been tough. It’s given me the confidence to believe in myself, and along the way I can truly say been blessed with some amazing friendships.

Sensei at Milton Keynes Karate Club.

Vicky Weir

A mother of 3 and having previously trained in Shotokan Karate as a young girl, I had to stop training due to injuries. I decided to start training again with T.A.S.K in January 2014, grading to 1st kyu in July 2015.

I have trained in various other martial arts over the years, but Shotokan karate is where my heart is.

Helping out at Newport Pagnell club gives me the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and passion to future generations.

I am proud to have achieved my Shodan belt in April 2017 and after much grit and determination was awarded Nidan in April 2019.

Sensei at Milton Keynes Karate Club.

Kieren Herbert


I have trained in Shotokan Karate since 2009, and on 23rd April 2016 I was awarded my Shodan.

I originally started karate as a hobby and something fun to do, however when I moved up to secondary school I began to take it more seriously.

Karate has taught me how to have more respect for myself and for others. I’ve learnt self-defense and become a better person all round.

I enjoy teaching and passing on my knowledge of karate to others so they can improve too.

In February 2018 Mr Herbert Senior and I opened Stony Stratford Karate Club and April that same year I got my Nidan.

Jamie Norman

I first started a basic from of karate when I was about 10 years old, being sent there by my parents. I discovered then how much I enjoyed it but only stayed for a year.

A few years later at 16, when I left school, I started karate again and this time found Shotokan. I trained until I was 4th Kyu but stopped training when I was18-19. I re-joined again about a year later, re-earned my 4th kyu and trained for another year until I reached 2nd Kyu, then due to reasons I had no control over at the time, I had to stop training.

Finally, a friend at work who wanted to start training and knew I had a history of karate talked me into starting again, still Shotokan but a different branch of teachers. Because it had been a couple of years since my last lesson I started again from a white belt and stuck with it and trained until my 1st Dan in April 2016.  Followed up by 3 more years of hard training to achieve Nidan in April 2019.

When I was with my last karate club I trained in sun-kun-do for a year and love to watch and learn things from other forms of martial arts, but Karate and especially Shotokan has always been there for me and I don’t plan on leaving again any time soon.

Tom Binstead

I joined the Newport Pagnell Karate Club in 2012 with my 2 eldest sons who were keen to learn a martial art. I’d done a fair amount of research to find the right club for them and when I heard about the family-friendly environment at the Newport Pagnell club I knew it was right for them. The club encouraged parents to learn the art of Shotokan karate with their children and with a little persuasion from my boys I decided that I would try it out too. We all loved the first lesson and within a few months we successfully gained our first belts, and thus began my journey and love of karate.

In April 2019 I successfully passed my Shodan (1st level) black belt grading and now take great pleasure in teaching lower grade members of the club. Not only has karate taught me how to defend myself, but it teaches respect and discipline, and has increased my self-confidence. It is these important skills and traits that I enjoy sharing, particularly with children as it helps them to perform better at school and develop into more rounded human beings.