Lockdown Training!

While we haven’t been able to train together in the dojo, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the internet, we have been able to train together via video link.

Lessons have been split into grades for the most part with White to Yellow belt in one lesson, Green to Brown and White stripes in another, and even the 1st Kyus got in on the action with their lesson at the start of the day.

We can’t say how proud we are of the number of students who have continued to train with us, and heart felt gratitude to all the higher grades who have helped in either running a class or ‘spotted’ from their seats while Sensei has been teaching.

Here’s a few photos from some of our lessons!

March 2020 Grading

On 14th March we held our first grading of the year. Such a great turnout and all the hard work from our students paid off. A special mention to Olivia who won the junior trophy for all your hard work, and to Miss Beecroft for all the hours put into training and the behind the scenes work you put in.

November 2019 Grading day

A special well done to Evie and Mark for being awarded the club trophies. Truly deserved. Also to those of our senior students who double graded – your hard work truly paid off.

We Are 10!!

2019 saw NPKC celebrate it’s 10th Anniversary – and we know how to celebrate. What an amazing day we had.

As well as celebrating 10 years of NPKC and we also celebrated Mr Herbert’s 50th birthday.

So many students came along, with their families too, picnics were had, games were played, food & drink and much merriment was had by all.

We love the club, the sensei and the community that has been built within the club and that goes beyond the dojo.

July 2019 – Grading at Olney

We held a very successful grading on 13th July and are very proud of all our students.

A special congratulations to Callum for being awarded the junior trophy -very well deserved young man! Also to Joseph for being awarded the senior trophy – your hard work and support is appreciated.

30th TASK Championships

On 22nd June NPKC and fellow clubs and karateka took part in the TASK Championships.

The spirit and effort shown was amazing – and the number of medals you won was a true testament to how much work you put in.

Dan Grading – April 2019

A huge congratulations to all students who took their Dan grading in April. You all deserve your belts and we are hugely proud of you.

A special mention to Mrs Weir and Mr Norman who got their Nidan belts. Mr Binstead who achieved Shodan, and Mr McConville and Mr Walker who achieved Intermediate Shodan.

Kyu Gradings – March 2019

Well done to all our students who graded. Congratulations too to Lyla for being awarded the Junior trophy, truly deserved for your dedication and hard work.

Also to Mr Herbert Snr & Mr Herbert Jnr for being awarded the Senior trophy – for the longest standing students at NPKC. Your support over the years has been invaluable.

On Sunday 25th November, we were invited along to the Excalibur Explorer Scout Unit in Great Linford to teach some self defence – everyone got involved and even had a go at break falls.

November Grading 2018

Well done to Tom and Isobel for your trophies – well deserved for your dedication to your karate and the club.

Sensei Poynton Course 14th October 2018

A few photos from our Sunday lesson

Grading July 2018

A fantastic turnout, some well deserved trophies and some black belt awards too.

Grading March 2018

Congratulations to everyone receiving trophies!

Olney Grading November 2017

Awards and Dan Grade Certificates were awarded

What a club we have!

Fun at the open day

Sparring training